Media Kit

Medical practices spend thousands of dollars on their marketing each month.  From offline advertising such as magazines and radio to online marketing such as pay per click, SEO, social media, directory sites and web maintenance, these costs can quickly get out of control.

Problem #1

The problem is that at least 70% of your monthly spend is unnecessary! In other words, about 30% of what you spend on marketing your practice actually works. But because tracking some of the leads sources can be difficult, most practices blindly throw money at marketing and hope for the best.

Problem #2

For the advertising that does work most practices do not have a system to manage those leads effectively. When a lead arrives, a number of things must happen in consecutive order so that the leads can turn into patients. At least 50% of leads are lost because patient coordinators and receptionists have not been given the proper tools to manage leads effectively. is a system that helps track all of your leads and automatically tags the source of each lead so that you can make effective marketing decisions. I also helps your staff capture, manage and nurture 100% of leads until they are ready to become patients. We encourage you to learn more about our product and how it has helped hundreds of practices save money on advertising while increasing their conversion rates.