MyMedLeads is Exhibiting at Plastic Surgery The Meeting in San Diego

MyMedLeads San Diego

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at Plastic Surgery The Meeting in San Diego Oct. 11 – Oct. 15. Please stop by booth #821 to see how MyMedLeads works to streamline and accelerate the patient acquisiton process. We will be unveiling a new service at the show and demoing some of our new features, including our appointment confirmation system and keyword conversion reporting tools.

If your patient conversion rates aren’t where you would like them to be, our tools can help. MyMedLeads is loaded with a suite of automated productivity features, including call tracking, automated follow-up, text message reminders, ROI reports, automated email marketing and much more. Visit to see a full list of features.


When: October 11 – 15
Where: San Diego Convention Center
Booth: 821

Schedule a Personalized Demo of our Software!

If you would like to schedule a free MyMedLeads demo at the show or online, please call (512) 657-5866. A personalized demo will give you a custom-tailored look at how specific MyMedLeads tools can simplify your office workflow and drive new patient acquisition.


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Do you have a leaky sales funnel?

Lead Conversion for Doctors

Every sales funnel leaks at some point or another, this is inevitable. However, with an effective sales funnel approach, you can plug most of these leaks and prevent losing a large majority of leads to your competitors. Being aware of each phase along the lead-to-patient progression is the first step in spill-proofing your practice sales funnel. Optimizing each phase for maximum effectiveness will significantly impact your bottom line and help your practice acquire a steady stream of new patients.

MyMedLeads provides numerous tools that help streamline and accelerate the progression of leads down the sales funnel. Call tracking, marketing ROI reports, email marketing automation, response time tracking, automated follow-up lists and patient reminders are just a few of the features available to help prevent the loss of potential patients.

Visit our Lead Conversion Consulting page to learn more about how to keep prospects moving through your practice sales funnel.

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New Support Ticket System

Zendesk Support

To better serve our users, MyMedLeads has implemented a new support ticketing system via ZenDesk. Clicking on Support from within your MyMedLeads account will now take you directly to our ZenDesk Support page, where you can submit a support ticket.

Replies to your request will be delivered back to you via email, and you can continue to utilize email to communicate with our support team. In addition to improving our support ticket system, we are currently expanding our customer support team in order to provide better, faster solutions for our customers.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience with our software and pay close attention to the feedback you provide. To get the latest MyMedLeads updates and tips about how to make your experience with MyMedLeads better than ever, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Dr. Grant Stevens endorses MyMedLeads as Top Lead Management Software

Dr. Grant Stevens Endorses MyMedLeads

Dr. Grant Stevens endorsing MyMedLeads as the industry’s top lead management software at the 9th Annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Conference.

Dr. Stevens has been elected by his peers into the “The Guide to Top Doctors” and Castle Connolly’s “Top Doctor Guide” recognizing him as one of the best plastic surgeons in America and is one of the select few to be featured in “Plastic Surgery: The World’s Top Surgeons & Clinics.”

Read more about how MyMedLeads and TouchMD offer medical practices the ultimate patient conversion solution here.

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Weekly Performance Reports


In an effort to make your performance data easier to access, MyMedLeads is excited to announce that we will be adding Weekly Performance Reports to our list of reporting features. Each week, you will receive an email with a link to your weekly summary report. This link takes you directly to the report without the need to first login to MyMedLeads.

Your Weekly Performance Report gives you a snapshot of your account performance and shows highlights of your previous week’s activities. This allows you to quickly see where you have improved and identify where improvements could be made.

What your performance report shows:

  • The number of new leads
  • Breakdown of phone vs. email inquiries
  • Top lead generators for the week
  • Performance stats for your #1 lead source
  • Average staff response time
  • Number of marketing emails sent
  • Number of text reminders sent

Weekly performance reports are a very useful tool for tracking goal progress. As with any goal, it is important to check in regularly to make sure you are staying on track. This quick performance snapshot will give you an idea of where you may need to make adjustments to get your practice where it needs to be.

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MyMedLeads Adds New SMS and Email Confirmation Feature

PhoneMyMedLeads is excited to announce that this month we will be rolling out a series of new features and updates to MyMedLeads. One feature that we’re particularly excited about is Electronic Patient Confirmations.

Our software has always provided automatic text and email appointment reminders, but up until now, that communication was only one-way. With this enhanced functionality, our SMS and email reminders are now two-way, allowing patients to easily confirm (or request a reschedule) by simply clicking a button or replying to a text.

MyMedLeads’ software suite is designed to streamline and simplify your front office daily routine. Our newly added confirmation feature will eliminate the time commitment of playing phone tag with patients.

SMS and email confirmation messages are also less intrusive for the patient. Most people are busy throughout the day and cannot always answer the phone, which can make confirming their appointment tricky. SMS and email reminders allow your patients to confirm their appointments when it is convenient for them.

Text and email messages have also been shown to achieve higher confirmation rates than other communication mediums. A number of different studies have shown that utilizing text and email reminders and confirmations can significantly reduce the amount of “no shows” you get each week.

Electronic reminders and confirmations are a cost efficient way to:

  • Recover potential lost revenue
  • Improve the efficiency of care delivery
  • Streamline scheduling and office workflow
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention
  • Automate time consuming, repetitive tasks
  • Increase response rates of your appointment reminders
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Are You Focusing Your Advertising on the Right Procedures?

SEO DoctorThe majority of cosmetic and plastic surgeons that we work with have a similar approach to their Internet and search marketing strategies. Most aesthetic surgeons offer an extensive list of procedures and advertise all of these services on their website. They invest their SEO and PPC dollars into trying to rank for every cosmetic treatment in their geographic area. By casting such a wide net however, their marketing efforts are often diluted and less effective than doctors who take a more intentional and focused approach.

To avoid spreading your advertising too thin and being ineffective, there are 3 important aspects of your practice to consider.

  1. Which procedures generate the highest profit?
  2. Which procedures do I prefer to perform?
  3. Which procedures are impacting customer feedback?

By asking yourself the above questions, you should now have a workable roadmap to begin customizing a marketing strategy that works for you.


RevenueYour Most Profitable Procedures

Just because a facelift typically generates more revenue doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the most profitable procedure for your practice. Some procedures obviously require more time, planning, resources and personnel to accomplish. Consider which procedures produce a good amount of revenue but that do not consume as much of your energy and resources.


Happiness2Your “Happiness” Procedures

You more than likely have certain procedures or treatments that you favor in your practice. It may be that you possess exceptional skill at performing this one particular procedure and consistently achieve stunning results. There are also likely procedures that you enjoy performing more than others, simply because they are less taxing on you and your staff.


FeedbackYour Customer Feedback Procedures

It is also important to pay close attention to what your patients are saying about their results. Monitor online review sites like Yelp, Google,, etc… If you are getting poor reviews in a particular area or procedure, then you might consider deemphasizing this service on your website and in your advertising. On the flipside, if you are getting consistently positive reviews for a certain treatment, then it might be in your best interest to ramp up marketing for this service.

A Custom-Built Marketing Plan that Fits YOU.

Once you have a list of procedures based on these considerations, you can begin looking at ways to realign and optimize your marketing strategy.

Let’s say that you currently get a lot of inquiries for tummy tuck surgery. While this procedure generates a good amount of revenue, it can also be very time-intensive and complicated to perform. It requires a lot of surgical planning, extensive time in the OR and additional nurses during surgery.

On the other hand, maybe you really enjoy performing eyelid surgery. It’s a simple, straightforward procedure and you always get good results. It can be done in a fairly short amount of time and is resource efficient. What if you could schedule 10 – 20 more patients a month for this procedure? Would that counterbalance or exceed the revenue you are currently generating through tummy tuck procedures?

If the answer is yes, then reallocating a large portion of your advertising to focus on eyelid surgery might be in your best interest. Could you become known as THE eyelid surgeon of your region? Concentrating your SEO and PPC efforts to focus on this procedure will subsequently increase your online exposure and should result in more inquiries. Performing more procedures that you get consistently great results with will likely translate to a surge in positive online reviews, further enhancing your credibility as an expert in this area.


A well-structured, customized marketing plan can get you the patients you’re looking for and really take your practice to the next level. Visit to learn how you can start managing your practice marketing more effectively.




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