Are You Focusing Your Advertising on the Right Procedures?

The majority of cosmetic and plastic surgeons that we work with have a similar approach to their Internet and search marketing strategies. Most aesthetic surgeons offer an extensive list of procedures and advertise all of these services on their website. They invest their SEO and PPC dollars into trying to rank for every cosmetic treatment

What is Call Tracking & How Can It Help My Medical Practice?

MyMedLeads offers powerful call tracking features that integrate fully with our lead management software. Call tracking allows you to provision unique tracking phone numbers to assign to different ad campaigns. When someone calls this tracking number, the call is automatically routed to your office phone. Each call is recorded and the caller’s data is captured

Create Landing Pages That Convert

Engage More Potential Patients Online According to a Pew Internet study, in the past year 72% of U.S. Internet users have gone online to search for health-related information. Of this group, 77% start their research with Google, Bing or another search engine, signifying that a solid SEO strategy for your practice website is more important

Informational Keywords vs. Conversion Keywords

Discovering Which Search Terms Deliver Paying Patients When it comes to their SEO campaigns, most doctors focus on getting a high volume of visits to their website from Google each month. While high volume site traffic is important and certainly looks good on paper, it’s only part of the equation. It doesn’t matter how many people come

5 Key Components for Higher Patient Conversion Rates

In the past, medical marketing was fairly easy and straightforward. Physicians advertised their services in magazines, newspapers, billboards, radio and TV ads. Today’s shifting marketing environment looks quite different though. Comprised of multifarious channels and integrated media, the advertising landscape of the information age now offers consumers a myriad of options for discovering, interacting with